Peacock Wedding Gowns

The Peacock wedding dress is the most amazing, unique, spectacular, breathtaking dress even made. It is incredible and expensive, made hand sewn, from 2009 pieces of peacock feathers. The dress was made in Nanjing, China, 8 people worked for 40 days to sew it and it is worth $ 1.5 Million.

Many people criticized this dress, we don’t know if they actually killed so many peacocks for the feathers to make a dress, or if they just picked up the feathers. If they killed the peacocks for the feathers, which is illegal in many countries, it is a controversy. Morally and ethical is bad, and I don’t think any bride will want to wear this dress, if they only knew how those birds were killed just for fashion. It is not the first time animals are killed for fashion, if we think of so many fur coats, so popular years ago.

Peacock Wedding Gowns

Peacock Wedding Gown from

They either collected the feathers many years or they plucked or slaughtered the peacocks. There are a lot of comments on this subject, and everyone is free to like or dislike this dress. If you like the peacocks, you know the symbolism of it and you want to add some elements at your wedding, you can have some peacock feathers decorations, you can wear peacock feathers earrings, or whatever you like that has this symbol. Peacock is the symbol of immortality this is why it is so popular, and also the symbol of renewal. In Egyptian, Roman, Greek mythology the peacock feathers were considered the evil eye and it is considered unlucky. In other cultures the peacock symbolism is nobility, holiness, protection. There are different cultures and different beliefs. If nothing can change your mind from adding some peacock feathers on your wedding dress, then you should plan the type of event that will reflect your vision Many designers have used peacock symbols and feathers to create stunning dresses.

Peacock Wedding Gowns

Peacock Wedding Gown from

If you like a peacock wedding dress, well many from not so many feathers you can add just a few on the dress and complete your look with other peacock feathers accessories, like earring, had-bag, you can make your bouquet from some feathers, there are many way to be creative. If you want a theme wedding, you can choose a theme Indian style wedding, the decorations should be according to the theme, also the music, and the food. You can create a fairytale wedding; will be a memorable event that will amaze your guests.You can find many inspirational ideas, for making a unique wedding dress, and a peacock theme wedding.11

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  1. Marcus says:

    I hate the peacock dress even if they picked up the feathers bucause animals should be respected and not seen as the next fashion trend!!!

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