Older women wedding gowns

It doesn’t matter that you are a bit over weight or a bit under weight if you are young, your age makes it all perfect for the wedding gown to look amazing on you, no matter the style, color or length. But what about the older brides? And especially the wedding gowns for older women. There is a solution for everything, therefore, one bride who is older and she wants to get married for the first time in her life, will absolutely find a perfect wedding dress, matching her seize, height and tastes.

A very proper option for such a gown is the two-piece style from the “Mother of bride” collections, but also a formal, evening dress for the older brides who don’t want to be or to look more than they really are. Usually, for the older brides is normal to wear, on their wedding day, either a beige, cream or ivory skirted costume or a casual business dress, although many brides don’t give up to the idea of wearing a normal wedding gown, like for example, a formal ball-gown, suitable for all ages brides. For those mature women who want to have a special wedding gown on their big day, you have to know that dresses are available for all your tastes and styles, shapes and colors.

As regards the color of a mature bride’s gown, the most beautiful and suitable ones include shades of white, ivory, eggshell, diamond white, ecru and candlelight, but also vivid colors like purple and red, along with pastel colors like mint or pink. A very good option regarding the color of a mature woman wedding gown is magenta, which doesn’t look neither old nor very young for a bride’s gown, but also mauve, burgundy and blue. In any case, it is not recommended dark colors, like black, which can give a mourning tent to the bride’s facial expression and can drastically change the mature bride’s appearance.

The most required fabrics for older women wedding gowns are silk and satin, while the length of the gown is all up to the bride’s will and taste. For the warm seasons, some mature brides tend to choose short or tea-length wedding gowns.

In general, mature women who get married prefer a wedding gown to advantage them from all points of view. They don’t want to draw attention around the waist line and tummy area, as well as they don’t want a sleeveless gown, but a coverage for shoulders and arms.

In other train of thoughts, the perfect styles for wedding gowns dedicated to mature women are:
-the gowns that hide the mid section and tummy ares, like the Empire waist wedding gowns
-he strapless wedding dresses worn with a jacket to cover the arms and shoulders
- A-line style gowns which are suitable for all kinds of brides

And the princess line gown, for the vertical dress lines advantages the bride’s shape.11

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